Benefits of mouthwash and its negative side

It's incomplete to clean your mouth without ending it by using mouthwash. Mouthwash itself is very helpful in avoiding plaque formation and tooth decay. But behind the benefits of mouthwash, there are also side effects that accompany it. Many people think that mouthwash only functions to refresh breath. This is because many mouthwashes that only contain substances to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath. Though there are many mouthwash products that have been fortified with flouride. Mouthwash containing fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. Mouthwash itself usually has a basic content in the form of water, cleaning agents, fragrances, and alcohol. Types of mouthwash Based on the active ingredients contained in it, mouthwash can be classified into several types, namely: Mouthwash that contains antimicrobial active ingredients. This type of product has the function of controlling the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In addition, this type of mouthwash can reduce plaque,
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